Mobile Video Inspection System

Mobile Video Inspection System RST

Our computerized drain video inspection system consists on a camera which can be transported through pipelines either on skids or mounted on an optional Explosion Proof Tractor Transport Vehicle, while the whole equipment remains mounted on a van or trailer. The RST OmniEYE III Zoom Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has a directional camera head capable of 330° axial rotation and 270° lateral swing or any combination of the two, enabling the 360° viewing of lateral pipelines perpendicular to the direction of the camera travel, while everything is transmitted on real time to the vehicle and recorded on DVD, which is provided to the customer along a report and sketch giving you details on the state and location of the pipes. The RST system includes an inclinometer in order to detect variations or angles of elevation, slope, or incline inside the pipe, and determines, using the camera lens position, the size of possible cracks and fractures. The tractor and skids fit on tubes up to 6" wide and the whole system can penetrate 600 ft inside, thanks to its double shielded feed and transmission cable.

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