Drain Cleaning

We clean industrial and public sewer lines (rain and waste water) and also remove and dispose of the sediments clogging them.

We remove all sorts of residue from sumps and pits, grease traps and interceptors, foundation cells, storm and attenuation tanks, absorption pits, water treatment plants and rain and waste water deposits.

We clean and fully disinfect cisterns, water tanks and other deposits.

Drain and pipe cleaning with hidroneumatic equipment

The best results are achieved through the combination of water pressure (jetting) and high vacuum, especially regarding waste water, rain, industrial process and grease pipes, and also on manholes, cesspits, sumps, pits, water collectors, grease traps, silt basins, water treatment plants, bleeder cups, cooling towers, etc.

Drain cleaning with electric equipment

We recommend this service when dealing with internal drain pipes of small diameters, like bathroom drain and downpipes, especially those made with PVC tubes, since our equipment allow us to determine the necessary amount of force needed to unclog and remove sediments and residue from the pipes without breaking them, thanks to the different sizes of sewer rods available.

Drain cleaning with bucket machines

We use diesel winching machines in drains bigger than 24", like trunk sewer and collector lines, using different sizes of dragging buckets..

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